USAID Pitches In The Battle Against Health Problems

USAID Pitches In The Battle Against Health Problems

The lack of adequate WASH services affects women and children the most. Even today in several parts of the world the girl child has to give up her education to help the mother of a family fetch water. They have to walk long distances for just one pot of water.  The lack of proper hygienic practices also leads to infant mortality.

The US Agency for International Development or USAID is putting in a lot of efforts to improve the health of women and children. USAID WASH follows the guidelines laid in the Water and Development Strategy with an aim to save lives and bring about development and improvement in water supply and storage and in sanitation and hygiene practices.One of the main goals of this agency is to implement sustainable WASH services.

Due to the timely response by USAID several million cases of diarrhea are successfully treated each year. The construction of toilets to prevent the open defecation and the related issues is another area that USAID is working closely at.

The key areas of focus remain improving the existing water supply services and involving the local governance in making them sustainable and durable. Encouraging adoption of healthy hygienic habits and formulation of regulations and ordinances to promote sustainable WASH.

The focus should next shift to accessible sanitation services. USAID is trying to give equal importance to WASH by trying to integrate low-cost sanitation optionsand education on the need for hygienic habits with its other important programs on HIVand AIDS, maternal and child health.

USAID also focuses on the role of WASH in individual households. It is relentlessly endeavoring the need for proper handwashing, storage of drinking water, disposal of human waste. It is reaching out to the private sector to help it in its fight against ignorance and poor sanitation and hygiene which each year account for the loss of several million peopleworld over.


Are Basketball Shoes Different from Sneakers?

When athletic shoes came into the sporting segment, there was not much variety. A canvas shoe or a leather sporty version were probably the only choices available. With advance in science and technology, there are sports shoes available to suit the different requirements of every possible sport. And, people often confuse between these different athletic/ sporty shoes and sneakers.

At the outset, it must be known that a good and suitable pair of sneakers is just that and nothing more! It isn’t going to help you run or play basketball. Prior to the specialization in the sports shoes’ segment, a sneaker used to refer to an athletic running shoes. Now, sneakers just mean shoes with a rubber sole and canvas for casual wear. They don’t give the necessary grip and bounce required for basketball and athletic events like running.

Choosing the best suited sports shoe for your chosen game is very important and can help you in training and playing. Also, they help to absorb shocks, give good multi-directional traction, firm grip, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Breathable basketball shoes for adults are different from sneakers because the former gives you the ability to run, change directions in a lightning fast way, jump higher and more decidedly. A breathable basketball shoe and not any casual sneakers can do so by protecting your feet and cutting down on the risk of player injuries.

The advantage of covering your feet with superior-quality shoe material is that they help your feet to breathe more and not feel sweaty as much. This will increase your stability and the cushioning ability to sustain shocks. Most shoes for players looking to run and pass in the basketball court are designed to be lightweight and easy, while those looking to shoot goals and slam dunk are heavy and power-packed.


Prevention Is Indeed Better Than Cure

Carpet cleaning is integral to good housekeeping:

A clean house is a house which is cleaned from top to bottom without neglecting any space whatsoever. The carpet and the floor of the house are equally important as much as the furniture and the furnishings are. While it is impractical to extensive clean the carpets and the rugs on an everyday basis, it is strongly recommended by housekeeping agencies and experts on the issue that deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner can very well be an effective answer to all the problems that homeowners with carpets face.

Children and seniors are most prone to diseases:

There is a general misconception that pollution is only a nuisance when you are outdoors. Nowadays, the indoor pollution level is also quite high and this can be extremely troublesome to seniors living in the house who have problems with their respiration or other serious illnesses connected with their allergies.

Children also are quite prone to skin irritation and common cold and flu because they are the ones who are constantly in touch with the carpet and the floor. They can have insect bites and can even catch skin infections from the molds and the bacterium present at the base of the carpets.

If you child or you are falling sick often with viruses or flu like symptoms and you have eyes, nose and throat irritation with low grade fever or general lethargy, make sure you jump in and call the carpet cleaners immediately.

A job well done:

A professionally done carpet cleaning job can take care of all the bugs in the house. Most of them use steam cleaning technique which uses very hot water to spray on the dirt and then vacuum the water along with the dirt. This is also considered to be the greenest method of cleaning the carpet.

Your free consultation:

If you would like you can get help from Charlie on cleaning your carpet. The first consultation is completely on them and they are sure to do a great job at only a fraction of the price that is quoted by the others

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Saliva Check For Drugs

More and more people are starting to get dependent on drugs these days. Be it a normal person or someone working as an athlete, people have begun the consumption of drugs on a regular basis. Despite of knowing the harmful consequences of this addiction, they are continuing to consume it and are also motivating their friends to fall in the same trap.

However, thanks to several initiates taken by our governments. They have committed to conduct different kinds of screenings on those who have been caught or seem to be in indulged in drugs. One such screening is done with the help of human saliva.

Pros of saliva screening

This method of analysing drug consumption is quite new, however has been accepted widely all across the world. Here are some of the advantages of conducting or undergoing this test:

  • It is not embarrassing for the patient to submit the sample.
  • It is not important for technicians or nurses to be around while the sample is being produced.
  • Time taken for determining the outcome is not much.
  • Very difficult to manipulate or cheat the result.
  • Not an expensive procedure.

This is the screening that most of the weed consumers have to undergo these days. It is recommended also since it is the easiest to handle.

Cons of saliva screening

As there are two sides of a coin, this particular screening too has certain disadvantages attached to it. Find below some of them:

  • Only a week back consumption of drugs can be detected by this method.
  • Not too difficult for most of the people to clear it with negative results.
  • Some products can be used to trick the result of this screening.

These kinds of screenings are carried out especially when you are joining a new organisation, after an accident, to clear the suspicion related to drug usage, and more. As people are not well educated about this method, this is why it has become a cheap alternative to conduct the screening.

It’s always better to maintain distance from any kind of drug abuse as regular consumption of the same can destroy your health and life forever.

Do Natural Test Boosters Work?

If you are looking for some good results, choosing the right test boost would be crucial. There are numerous options in the market. There are all natural boosts that are said to work slow but give better results. Then there are those that contain a lot of added substances to give quicker results.

Natural test boosters:

Do the natural test boosters really work? That’s the main question asked when someone suggests a natural test booster. Then answer is yes, they work and they hold a pretty high success rate as well. In other treatments like hormone therapy, there are cases where the body doesn’t respond the way intended. But with natural test boosts, the success rate is higher. There is no synthetic testosterone involved in the process making it a safe option to try.


Natural test boosters are always considered to be the best choices. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • These are not as expensive as hormone therapy. So if you are looking for results without having to spend a huge sum then this would be a better choice
  • Hormone therapy and other options would come with a lot of side effects. Some users’ bodies do not accept these as well. This would adversely affect the health. But natural test boosters only mimic the natural test boosting hormones of the body and help improve the general health
  • Testosterone which is artificially injected is at risk of rejection. But with natural test boosters they simply enhance the ability of the body to produce higher levels of testosterone.

There are several other reasons that we can state to justify the fact that natural test boosters are much safer and a lot more effective too. Remember to choose a top rated all natural boost for visible results in to occur in a safe way.

What You Need To Know About Hair Transplantation Procedure

If you are having a severe hair loss problem and finally decided to try hair transplantation then it is very important for you to be aware of what exactly hair transplantation is and how it is done. There are lots of clinics like Glasgow hair transplant clinic which has a great success rate.

What To Expect?       

This treatment removes grafts from the part of the scalp which bears hair. These grafts are relocated to a thinning or bald area of the scalp. Such grafts can vary in shapes and sizes. It can be round shaped which contains approximately 15 hairs. A mini graft contains not more than 4 hairs. There are slit grafts for which slits are created in the scalp and these grafts are inserted into those slits. It contains around 10 hairs. And lastly, strip grafts contain around 40 hairs and these are thin and long.

The complete process of hair transplantation demands many surgical sessions and also you need to take breaks for healing between the sessions. For the final output, it can take at least 2 years.

Steps For Treatment

  • To get started with the surgical process, first step is to trim the hairs short in the donor area which can make it easy to access the grafts and remove them.
  • The doctor can use a special tube like instrument or a scalpel for removal of the scalp with hairs which are further segregated into small sections and are transplanted to slits or holes in the scalp.
  • You might be injected saline solution when the grafts are extracted, so that proper skin strength is maintained. The donor area is stitched to close. Usually it may leave a scar.
  • These grafts are placed in such a way so that a healthy circulation is maintained in the scalp.
  • Also, it is done in a way so that the hair grows in the natural direction. It is ensured that the donor site does not get affected adversely.
  • Once the grafting session is done, the scalp is cleansed. A pressure bandage might be needed to wear for a day.

Benefits Offered By Humidifiers For Asthma Patients

Asthma is a nightmare and it can get worse at the night. Losing a good night’s sleep can be tiring. Humidifiers have been known to help asthma patients sleep better. But do they really help? How do they make things better?

Regulating the humidity in the room:

When a favorable level of humidity is set in the room, it can make breathing a whole lot easier. Balancing the humidity levels in a room can be done with a lot of quick fixes. Some talk about keeping a bowl of water in a corner of the room. There are many such DIY ways. One of the easiest and the most effective ways is to invest in a humidifier. The ideal humidity levels should be maintained in the range of 30% to 50%. Anything below this range can cause the air to feel dry and irritate the respiratory tract. A very high humidity level can lead to the growth of mildew and this would worsen the condition too. Humidifiers help achieve this ideal range of humidity in the room.

Benefits of humidifiers:

Once the dryness in the air is eliminated, a lot of asthma and breathing related problems are eliminated. Once the moisture levels are restored, here are the issues that could be averted:

  • Asthma and allergies due to dryness and fine dust in the air.
  • Respiratory infections and respiratory ailments
  • Drying up of the skin and subsequent irritation and itching
  • Nosebleeds
  • Static leading to shocks

That being said you can find multiple uses for a humidifier. If you live in an area where the humidity levels are too high then there are dehumidifiers that can help. They also come in handy to prevent moisture build up in a closed space. For example, buying the best gun safe dehumidifier can help protect your gun safe contents from the damage due to moisture. So maintaining ideal humidity levels is pretty easy these days.

What Not To Do During Pregnancy

One of the most beautiful journeys experienced by a woman is pregnancy. This is the time when she starts thinking about the life inside her and starts caring and worrying about the baby she has never met.

Though everything about this phase is beautiful and exciting, one has to be careful and cautious. Though it is advisable to carry on with your regular work and routine, there are a few things a pregnant woman cannot do, for the safety of the baby.

Here are a few things to be avoided for a stress free and safe pregnancy

Heavy Workouts

No matter how fit and active you have been before getting pregnant, the exercise routine has to be toned down and altered once the pregnancy is confirmed. One cannot jump or strain too much where they will be required to breathe hard. When a pregnant woman exerts herself that leads to panting for breath, it makes it more difficult to breath as the growing baby would have pushed around the body organs. Also, the added weight of the baby will make you breathe harder.

Body Contact Sports

Sports that require too much body contact like martial arts, wrestling, etc should be avoided. Though the mother to be can handle herself, the opponent is not fully in her control. If the opponent falls on her stomach or hits her around her stomach, it can affect the baby.

Hot Showers/ Massages

A pregnant woman’s body temperature is generally higher than usual and she must avoid hot massages and showers as this increase in body temperature is not advisable for the baby. When the body temperature increases, she will sweat more, get dehydrated and start panting for breath, which is all not safe during pregnancy.

There are many things a pregnant woman can do and a very few things she has to avoid. This will ensure a safe and stress free pregnancy  for both mother and baby.

Yoga And A Back Stretcher Together Can Make All The Difference

Back problems have become a common problem with both the young and old alike, thanks to the work culture, seating position, etc. one has to pay special attention to their back before the problem can get too serious and requires extensive treatment or a surgery.

One way to ensure the back problems are kept at bay is to maintain a good health for your back. Yoga and regular exercises can help the back stay strong and fit, despite the posture, work demands, etc. there are many yoga asana and stretches, which one can practice on their own, at any time of their convenience and improve the health of their back.

Back Stretchers

Today, one can find a number of back stretchers sold online and in stores, which are meant to help one stretch their back like a professional would. Many require that extra help to stretch well and these stretchers, do just that!

With the increase in awareness of back problems and demand for the stretchers, many companies have come up with innovative designs to suit different needs. Just like any other technology, every year will see a new model with a slight change that can confuse the buyer.

What was good and top selling in 2016 may be outdated in 2017. In order to own the latest stretcher and have the most advanced technology in your hands, you should find a good back stretcher in 2017.

This can be done by checking online portals and websites that sell such stretchers. Reviews online will help you narrow down the search and customer feedback will give a fair idea as to how the performance of the instrument really is.

Rather than falling for tall claims and fake advertising, do a thorough research and get yourself one of the best stretchers available in the market in 2017 and alleviate that back pain. After a few uses, you can see the improvement yourself.

Orpington Has A New Multi-Talented MP

The town of Orpington has a new Member of Parliament (MP), who is also a renowned dentist in Orpington.  The previous MP of the town stepped down last month due to poor health and a re-election was conducted last week, for which all the major parties had candidates. He won with record majority, his professional popularity contributing immensely to his win. Over the years, he was able to gain the confidence and trust of the citizens and was actively involved in most of the humanitarian activities in Orpington.

More about his profession

He has been practicing ever since he opened his clinic in the town, decades ago, and one of the earliest in the area. His clinic now has more than a dozen of experienced dentists, skilled technicians and staff. Though a majority of his visitors are outpatients, his clinic also has facilities for in-patient treatment. The clinic has served as a starting platform for many successful dentists, as the dentist-cum-MP always welcomed newbies in search of learning opportunities.

Humanitarian activities involving the dentist in Orpington and his clinic

The clinic periodically conducts free seminars on dental health and dentistry as a profession. The seminars attract lots of citizens and invite distinguished speakers in the field from all over the world. The clinic also observes dental week to create awareness among the general public about the importance of maintaining good oral habits for good dental and overall health. A team of selected dentists conducts free dental checkups in different residential localities of the town.

Every year, the clinic offers free dental devices and implants to the under-privileged section of the society and free treatment to selected patients who suffer from serious oral/facial diseases and cannot afford costly advanced treatments. Last, but not the least, the dental doctor carries out free education scholarships and book distribution to dental students belonging to families with a poor economic background.

All these factors, along with the impressive persona of the dentist persuaded the citizens of Orpington to elect him as their representative to the British Parliament.