Advantages And Disadvantages Of Saliva Check For Drugs

More and more people are starting to get dependent on drugs these days. Be it a normal person or someone working as an athlete, people have begun the consumption of drugs on a regular basis. Despite of knowing the harmful consequences of this addiction, they are continuing to consume it and are also motivating their friends to fall in the same trap.

However, thanks to several initiates taken by our governments. They have committed to conduct different kinds of screenings on those who have been caught or seem to be in indulged in drugs. One such screening is done with the help of human saliva.

Pros of saliva screening

This method of analysing drug consumption is quite new, however has been accepted widely all across the world. Here are some of the advantages of conducting or undergoing this test:

  • It is not embarrassing for the patient to submit the sample.
  • It is not important for technicians or nurses to be around while the sample is being produced.
  • Time taken for determining the outcome is not much.
  • Very difficult to manipulate or cheat the result.
  • Not an expensive procedure.

This is the screening that most of the weed consumers have to undergo these days. It is recommended also since it is the easiest to handle.

Cons of saliva screening

As there are two sides of a coin, this particular screening too has certain disadvantages attached to it. Find below some of them:

  • Only a week back consumption of drugs can be detected by this method.
  • Not too difficult for most of the people to clear it with negative results.
  • Some products can be used to trick the result of this screening.

These kinds of screenings are carried out especially when you are joining a new organisation, after an accident, to clear the suspicion related to drug usage, and more. As people are not well educated about this method, this is why it has become a cheap alternative to conduct the screening.

It’s always better to maintain distance from any kind of drug abuse as regular consumption of the same can destroy your health and life forever.