Add Weight To Your Clothes

Everyone loves clothes. Each has their own taste and preferences when it comes to clothing. Exercising and toning up is also something that many love. The trend to work out and stay fit is spreading like wildfire with everyone getting more conscious about their fitness levels than the physical appearance. However not many get the time or option to exercise regularly to stay fit and in shape.

What if you could wear clothes that can double up as your exercise partner? Yes, there are weighted clothes you can wear and do your usual exercise routine at home or the gym and increase your efforts and results.

Weighted Clothing

When you wear clothes that are weighted, you can move around and exercise just like always. Your hands and legs are free to do what they usually do. However, the effort exerted by your body will increase in proportion to the weight you are wearing.

When you get used to moving around with weighted clothing, you will see the huge difference to your performance when you move around without them. If you have been practicing running or jumping with weighted clothing, try taking them off and repeating your moves, once you get comfortable with the weight. You will see how much faster you can move.

Overall Improvement

These weighted clothes help in not only building up muscles or increasing your speed, they improve your overall fitness. Doing your regular routine with some extra pounds on you will be tiring and difficult at first but eventually, your body gets used to it by increasing its efficiency. This is because the weight is on you at all times and not just at the gym and hence the body gets used to it as if it were part of the body itself.

When you remove these weights, you will notice how much lighter you feel and how much more agile your body is. This new trend in exercise and clothing department is here to ensure you are fit without any excuses.