Orpington Has A New Multi-Talented MP

The town of Orpington has a new Member of Parliament (MP), who is also a renowned dentist in Orpington.  The previous MP of the town stepped down last month due to poor health and a re-election was conducted last week, for which all the major parties had candidates. He won with record majority, his professional popularity contributing immensely to his win. Over the years, he was able to gain the confidence and trust of the citizens and was actively involved in most of the humanitarian activities in Orpington.

More about his profession

He has been practicing ever since he opened his clinic in the town, decades ago, and one of the earliest in the area. His clinic now has more than a dozen of experienced dentists, skilled technicians and staff. Though a majority of his visitors are outpatients, his clinic also has facilities for in-patient treatment. The clinic has served as a starting platform for many successful dentists, as the dentist-cum-MP always welcomed newbies in search of learning opportunities.

Humanitarian activities involving the dentist in Orpington and his clinic

The clinic periodically conducts free seminars on dental health and dentistry as a profession. The seminars attract lots of citizens and invite distinguished speakers in the field from all over the world. The clinic also observes dental week to create awareness among the general public about the importance of maintaining good oral habits for good dental and overall health. A team of selected dentists conducts free dental checkups in different residential localities of the town.

Every year, the clinic offers free dental devices and implants to the under-privileged section of the society and free treatment to selected patients who suffer from serious oral/facial diseases and cannot afford costly advanced treatments. Last, but not the least, the dental doctor carries out free education scholarships and book distribution to dental students belonging to families with a poor economic background.

All these factors, along with the impressive persona of the dentist persuaded the citizens of Orpington to elect him as their representative to the British Parliament.