Why You Need A Fake Doctor’s Note


Not everything happens as per our plan and this is so true when it comes to our workplace and our leaves. You might have joined this workplace just because they offered you an attractive pay and never bothered to research much about their work culture nor the leaves they offer and are now end up in a situation, where you have to prove your authenticity just for that single day of absence you availed from your work. Sadly, this is the situation in every office here, in this world, as the bosses fail to understand that employees are also human and they do have some personal plans and preferences, for which they have to take some leaves.

Surely, there might be a day when this genuine employee’s leave needs are understood by their respective bosses and the workplaces but, before that, a concrete rescue when you take that unplanned leave is available from these fake doctor’s notes that are so alike your original doctor’s notes but with some invented reasons for your illness. Wondering, why you need one and when and where to use it? Read further!

  • It is OK if you are not so eager to attend office today and need some mental relaxation, for which you have decided to take that unplanned leave even when you know your boss wouldn’t welcome it. You are a human and it is ok to feel tired, for which you can take off from your workplace and return the next day without any problem with this fake doctor’s note that stays as your dependable proof to pacify your boss.
  • You were really ill but, not so serious as to visit the doctor and you know your boss wouldn’t accept your leave without a valid doctor’s note. If you cannot convince your doctor to offer you a real doctor’s note, use this fake doctor’s note for your real sick reason and enter your office with your chin up!
  • All your friends have decided to take off from their work this Friday to hang out relaxingly and cheerfully but, even though you know, you don’t have any important work in your office, you wouldn’t be allowed to avail a leave by your grumpy boss. Without worrying, just go ahead with your plan as it is OK to spend some time on fun and entertainment when you can get fake doctors note in this website to save yourself from your nosy boss!