Health Habits That Change With Ageing

Taking it for granted

When you are young, there are a lot of things that you take for granted. One of the things is invariably oral hygiene. Now, our teeth are really strong but with time they also undergo wear and tear. And that is precisely concerted effort at taking good care of our teeth and looking after our mouth and the gums is essential.

Don’t bit into things that can damage them:

Biting into too cold, too hard or too hot things can naturally wear off the outer enamel covering on our teeth and slowly but surely the nerves can get revealed and with that other dental problems of teeth sensitivity can set in. let me tell you teeth sensitivity is a dangerous thing to have. In my mid thirties, I started experiencing this storage pain whenever I bit into something hard, had ice creams or drank very hot coffee. The searing pain would leave me with a persistent headache for days.

It was only after a check up with the dentist that I came to know that my teeth enamel was chipping off and the nerves were getting revealed. That is why that searing pain was felt every time I ate the forbidden food!

Corrective remedy was not of much use:

Getting enamel redone was not of big use because the enamel chipped away even in a month’s time and sometimes even earlier. The pain was getting unbearable and there was not much I could do except pop painkillers. My doctors suggested root canal treatment for the affected teeth and I got the dentures made for them. But my problem was that the dentures would never stay in place. That did cause a lot of embarrassment.

Then, I hit upon this new denture glue that keeps them in place for such a long time that even I am surprised. Now I eat with confidence with my new denture without even thinking about them falling out of my mouth.