USAID Pitches In The Battle Against Health Problems

USAID Pitches In The Battle Against Health Problems

The lack of adequate WASH services affects women and children the most. Even today in several parts of the world the girl child has to give up her education to help the mother of a family fetch water. They have to walk long distances for just one pot of water.  The lack of proper hygienic practices also leads to infant mortality.

The US Agency for International Development or USAID is putting in a lot of efforts to improve the health of women and children. USAID WASH follows the guidelines laid in the Water and Development Strategy with an aim to save lives and bring about development and improvement in water supply and storage and in sanitation and hygiene practices.One of the main goals of this agency is to implement sustainable WASH services.

Due to the timely response by USAID several million cases of diarrhea are successfully treated each year. The construction of toilets to prevent the open defecation and the related issues is another area that USAID is working closely at.

The key areas of focus remain improving the existing water supply services and involving the local governance in making them sustainable and durable. Encouraging adoption of healthy hygienic habits and formulation of regulations and ordinances to promote sustainable WASH.

The focus should next shift to accessible sanitation services. USAID is trying to give equal importance to WASH by trying to integrate low-cost sanitation optionsand education on the need for hygienic habits with its other important programs on HIVand AIDS, maternal and child health.

USAID also focuses on the role of WASH in individual households. It is relentlessly endeavoring the need for proper handwashing, storage of drinking water, disposal of human waste. It is reaching out to the private sector to help it in its fight against ignorance and poor sanitation and hygiene which each year account for the loss of several million peopleworld over.